News - Crypto-casino Stake suffers hack of 41 million

By Mike Hesp

Crypto-casino Stake suffers hack of 41 million

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Hacked: Attackers emptied crypto-casino Stake's hot wallets - and stole millions in ETH, BNB and MATIC. Customers' money, however, is safe.

Online cryptocasino reported unauthorized transactions from its hot wallets yesterday, Sept. 4 - and disabled payouts.

Ethereum, BSC and Polygon wallets were affected. Customers' funds, however, are safe, as Stake announced on Twitter.

According to an analysis by blockchain security firm Beosin, the total loss is $41.35 million, with $15.7 million from Ethereum, $7.8 million from Polygon and another $17.8 million from the BSC chain.

Several hours after the hack confirmed Stake That all services had been reactivated.

In 2022, the cryptocasino had revenues of $2.6 billion. Stake does not have its own coin - unlike competitor Rollbit. Its own coin (RLB) has been rising in price for a year.

Last year, cryptocurrencies worth more than $3.8 billion lost by various hacks and exploits.

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