News - Crypto expert warns: "You're fuc*ing up!"

By Mike Hesp

Crypto expert warns: "You're fuc*ing up!"

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bull run

The crypto market is correcting, but Bitcoin OG Arthur Hayes remains bullish. Why the U.S. election could lead to a huge crypto boom.

In his new blog post "Left Curve" former CEO and founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, does not mince words. In it, he explains why sovereign debt and currency devaluation could lead to a massive crypto bull run.

According to Hayes, anyone selling crypto now is wrong: "If you've sold shi*coins for fiat that you don't need immediately, you are fuc*ing up." After all, fiat money will continue to be printed indefinitely until the system is reset.

But the loyal Bitcoiners among crypto investors can at least breathe a sigh of relief: "If you sold your coins for Bitcoin, then that's no big deal. Bitcoin is the hardest money ever made."

The macroeconomic environment is currently particularly bullish for crypto because the US presidential elections coming up in November. The incentive to expand the money supply would be all the greater because politicians' popularity depends on it.

Still undecided voters would make their decision primarily based on their assessment of the economic situation. Therefore, according to Hayes, the governing Democrats should do everything possible to avoid a recession in 2024.

Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. election, the expansion of the money supply would continue to accelerate. Crypto traders should therefore prepare for a fiat devaluation and buy the dip now because a huge crypto boom is coming.

"Regardless of what type of crypto risk excites you, the coming months will present a great opportunity to add positions," he summarizes at the end of the blog post.

Although Hayes does not mention a price target for BTC, he suggests that moving from 70,000 to a million US dollars could be easier than moving from 0 to 70,000 US dollars. Expansionary monetary policy enabled the rise of crypto in the first place and will now increase dramatically.

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