News - Crypto pioneer wants to tokenize real estate

By Ted Maas

Crypto pioneer wants to tokenize real estate

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Tokenization is considered a new trend in cryptoland. Now a Swiss company wants to turn the real estate industry on its head. What's behind it all?

The Swiss crypto pioneer BrickMark plans to tokenize properties worth more than 1.5 billion euros on its platform in the coming months. The company announced this in a press release. About 400 million euros will come from the network of RWA platform Dynasty Global. As part of a new partnership, BrickMark will also integrate the D¥N token issued by Dynasty on its platform. RWA tokenization is considered one of the most important use cases in the crypto sector.

Dynasty is also taking a strategic stake in BrickMark. The investment of about 10 million euros will be paid for mainly with Dynasty's crypto tokens and cash.

"Thanks to D¥N, we can now offer a unified and cost-effective solution for real estate transactions worldwide based on universal and recognized cryptocurrency", explained BrickMark CEO Stephan Rind.

Through BrickMark, properties can be easily traded with D¥N crypto coins through the online platform. The partnership should significantly expand BrickMark's reach in America.

BrickMark made headlines back in 2020 with the purchase of a prime property in Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. The payment was largely processed using the company's own crypto token.

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