News - Crypto security company hacks Trezor T hardware wallet

By Mike Hesp

Crypto security company hacks Trezor T hardware wallet

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After the Ledger fiasco, competitor Trezor is enjoying increasing popularity. But there is a vulnerability in the hardware wallet.

According to Unciphered it has found a way to hack the Trezor T hardware wallet. The security company shares the process in a lab demonstration.

They say that the hack is made possible by an "unfixable hardware vulnerability in the STM32 chip that allows the built-in flash and once-programmable data to be secured."

In a successful hack, the attacker can find out the seed phrase of the wallet and steal the stored funds. According to the security firm, Trezor is aware of the vulnerability in the device. However, the manufacturer of the cryptowallet has not yet done anything to eliminate this vulnerability, the company said. Since the hack is only possible if attackers have physical access to the wallet, Trezor customers' funds are still protected offline.

In may one investor lost $30,000 because his hardware wallet had been tampered with. Hackers had gained access with glue, double-sided tape and a pre-loaded seed phrase. Due to the recent controversy surrounding its competitor Ledger, the popularity of Trezor increased rapidly in recent days.

Both companies are among the leading manufacturers of hardware wallets. Find out which devices are available and what the differences are in our large wallet comparison.

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