News - Cryptowallets at risk? Possible risk discovered at Apple

By Mike Hesp

Cryptowallets at risk? Possible risk discovered at Apple

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A security flaw in iOS devices is causing a stir. Cryptowallets may be unprotected. However, the information comes from the darknet.

Crypto wallet provider Trust Wallet warns iOS users of a possible security risk.

"We have credible information about a high-risk zero-day exploit targeting iMessage on the dark web," announced the company in a tweet on X. The vulnerability could "infiltrate an iPhone without clicking on a link."

Zero-day exploits are previously unknown vulnerabilities in a software program.

Trust Wallet stressed that all crypto wallets located on an iPhone with the iMessage feature activated could be at risk.

The company's CEO, Eowyn Chen, shared a screenshot of the potential zero-day exploit, which sold on darknet for two million dollars.

"Threat Intel has discovered an iOS iMessage zero-day exploit that can be bought on the dark web," Chen said. "It is a zero-click exploit that can be used to take control of the phone via iMessages. The asking price is two million dollars".

To protect itself, the company recommends disabling iMessage "until Apple fixes the problem."

On X, some users accused the company of scaremongering.

"If this is your 'credible information,' that's embarrassing. You have no evidence of an iOS exploit, just a screenshot of a man claiming to have an exploit," wrote the pseudonymous blockchain analyst "Beau".

Trust Wallet's alert has already been viewed 2.6 million times on X.

The company rejected the criticism.

"Trust Wallet, along with security partners and researchers, is constantly monitoring various avenues to identify any security risks to our users," it said in another post on X.

"We have received information, later confirmed, that a hacker claiming to exploit the zero-day vulnerability in iMessage is claiming two million dollars on the dark web." According to Trust Wallet.

The incident was made public to "actively inform about potential threats and risks."

All iOS users may be affected, with the "most lucrative targets" being "wealthy individuals."

According to the company, "The problem not only affects Trust Wallet users, but is a potential risk to anyone using iOS with iMessage enabled."

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