News - Dash blockchain fails for hours after Hardfork

By Sam Fröling

Dash blockchain fails for hours after Hardfork

Dash (DASH)
Dash blockchain, fails for hours after Hardfork

A failed upgrade crippled the Dash blockchain. A new attempt at the hardfork is now scheduled for June.

A system upgrade on the privacy coin blockchain Dash did not go as planned. The hardfork brought the network to a halt for hours. On May 22, the Dash blockchain suspended processing new transactions as well as creating new blocks during the activation of the update Dash Core v19 hardfork, Dash CTO, Samuel Westrich informed.

Dash developer "Pasta" has indicated that during the outage, blocks and transactions on the network will not be considered final until an update is rolled out. Shortly after the outage became public, crypto exchange Binance announced that its own mining pool for DASH, would suspend the distribution of mining rewards until the blockchain resumes block production.

New date is scheduled

About 13 hours after the blockchain outage, developers announced a fix with v19.1.0. On May 23, Westrich tweeted that the Dash network was restored and stable. According to data from cryptoid's Blockchain Explorer, the network is again creating blocks with regularity.

The upgrade should improve network security and introduce a master node implementation. Another attempt is scheduled for June 14.

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