News - Deadline for postponement of Sam Bankman-Fried lawsuit expires today

By Ted Maas

Deadline for postponement of Sam Bankman-Fried lawsuit expires today

To give the former FTX CEO more time until his trial, his lawyers may file a motion as late as today. The trial is currently scheduled for October.

"If the defendant feels he needs an adjournment, he can ask for it", Judge Kaplan, the judge in charge, told the report. "I'm not saying I would necessarily allow it. You would have to demonstrate a need and not just name the number of documents."

So far, he said, the court has not yet received such an application. However, a last-minute application has not been ruled out, he said, because the defense reportedly had problems accessing relevant documents.

The hearing the day before yesterday on Aug. 30 focused on other motions filed by SBF's lawyers. They also requested temporary release of the former CEO of FTX asked to prepare for his criminal trial on Oct. 3.

The legal team argues that SBF has too little access to the Internet and therefore cannot adequately consider the documents related to his case. In this way, he cannot prepare the case. Bankman-Fried is charged with 12 counts. Among them is conspiracy to commit bank fraud. SBF faces a prison term of up to 115 years.

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