News - Did Gary Gensler ever want to become a Binance advisor?

By Mike Hesp

Did Gary Gensler ever want to become a Binance advisor?


Binance's lawyers are shaking up the SEC chief's credibility. He reportedly applied for a position as an adviser there in 2019.

Gary Gensler, the head of the SEC, has asked Binance to become its adviser in 2019. So claim the company's lawyers, who filed documents with the court.

The SEC complained Binance this week. The lawyers want Gary Gensler to withdraw from the case because of his involvement with Binance. According to lawyers, Gary Gensler also met Changpeng Zhao for dinner in Japan in 2019.

De Wall Street Journal reported a different version of the story in March 2023. They say Binance approached Gensler correctly, and not the other way around. They cite internal chats and insiders close to the SEC chief.

On Twitter and social media outlets, Gary Gensler is now being accused in part that his lawsuit against Binance is a "personal vendetta." In the lawsuit, the SEC accuses Binance of willful disregard of U.S. laws, unauthorized securities trading and embezzlement.

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