News - Directors of Nuri barely invested in Celsius

By Sam Fröling

Directors of Nuri barely invested in Celsius

Directors of Nuri barely invested in Celsius

Following the collapse of neobank Nuri, it has been revealed how much the directors themselves have invested in partner platform Celsius.

Documents provide insight

Documents surrounding the bankruptcy surrounding Berlin's bankrupt neobank Nuri reveal that the directors themselves had hardly invested in Celsius. This is reported by Finance Forward. According to the documents, the team around boss Kristina Walcker-Mayer had invested only a few thousand dollars in Celsius - a platform that Nuri marketed as an easy passive income for newcomers. Also, some members of the leadership had not invested in Celsius at all, according to the report. For example, the head of Investments, who had added Celsius to the portfolio.

Co-director Jan Goslick took money earlier

According to the report, Walcker-Mayer had not withdrawn any money from Celsius until 90 days before the payout freeze. Co-director and founder Jan Goslick, on the other hand, did. He withdrew a total of about US$32,000 from the platform before Celsius filed for bankruptcy. The reason given was the drop in interest rates on Celsius, which also caused many other users to withdraw money. The risk of Celsius' lending service was even discussed within the company, according to the report.

It is now known that executives at Celsius withdrew large sums of money shortly before the platform went bankrupt, while many users continued to invest. According to documents, ex-Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky had been paid US$10 million just before the bankruptcy.

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