News - Do Kwon: extradition to US "impossible".

By Ted Maas

Do Kwon: extradition to US "impossible".

Scams, crime and fraud

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is demanding the extradition of the ex-Terra boss. Kwon's lawyers are trying to prevent it. Do Kwon is still in Montenegro.

Kwon's lawyers filed a motion in federal court in an attempt to avert the extradition requested by the SEC. In an indictment on Sept. 27, Kwon's legal team said the SEC's request that he be questioned in the United States by Oct. 13 was "impossible" was.

The lawyers pointed out that he is stuck in Montenegro and "no scheduled date for his release or extradition" has. Kwon also refused to provide a written statement to the SEC's questions. This would violate his right to due process in the US.

Incidentally, Kwon is not directly refusing an affidavit, his counsel explained. However, this would have to take place in Montenegro, where he is currently out on bail. After the collapse of the Terra stablecoin empire, Kwon went into hiding. The SEC charges him with fraud and violations of the Capital Markets Act.

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