News - Dogecoin whales transferring large parts of their holdings

By Mike Hesp

Dogecoin whales transferring large parts of their holdings

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Wallets and Whales

In the wake of the crypto market correction, Dogecoin whales moved hundreds of millions of DOGE worth $46 million.

Whale Alert (a well-known Twitter bot in the crypto world) announced last weekend as many as four huge Dogecoin transactions.

Apparently, some of the largest DOGE holders took advantage of the recent correction in the crypto market to transfer their Dogecoin holdings.

In the largest recorded transaction, 308,390,532 DOGE worth a whopping $19.22 million were transferred From Binance to an unknown wallet.

The second largest transaction was 253,419,377 DOGE worth $16.05 million transferred from a Robinhood account to an unknown wallet.

In the third-largest transaction, 129,673,539 Dogecoin tokens worth $7.9 million were sent - also from Robinhood to an unknown cryptowallet.

The fourth-largest Dogecoin transaction involved 84,867,620 DOGE worth $5.3 million transferred from an unknown wallet to a Robinhood account.

Dogecoin, meanwhile, is far from the only cryptocurrency that has caught the attention of crypto whales in recent days. Over the weekend, for example, an Ether whale awoke for the first time in eight years - he owns 191 ETH.

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