News - Donald Trump is crypto millionaire

By Ted Maas

Donald Trump is crypto millionaire

Ex-President Donald Trump has $2.8 million in cryptocurrencies. Where does the Republican's crypto fortune come from?

Donald Trump has nearly $3 million worth of cryptocurrencies in his portfolio. This is confirmed by data from Arkham Intelligence. According to this data, the ex-president does not just have US$500,000 in Ethereum, as previously believed. His holdings are even larger: 1,535 ETH alone, the equivalent of 2.8 million US dollars, are on Trump's wallet.

He also owns WETH worth just under 30,000, MATIC for 2,000 and USDC for US$12.65. The money comes from the sale of his two NFT collections, according to Arkham Intelligence. Trump is using the collections to promote his campaign for his 2024 candidacy for president.

On OpenSea, the minimum price for Trump's NFT collection has risen nearly 15 percent in the past 24 hours. He has been skeptical of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies during his time in office. But Trump is not the only Republican to make cryptocurrencies and NFTs a political issue.

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