News - Eintracht Frankfurt has tokenized stadium seats

By Luc Vesters

Eintracht Frankfurt has tokenized stadium seats

Polygon (MATIC)

Soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt replaced its seats at Deutsche Bank Park last season. Instead of blue, black and white seats now adorn the stadium - in the traditional Eintracht colors. For fans who have seen the old seats with ups and downs, there is a setback: the Bundesliga club has tokenized all the old stadium seats - on the Polygon blockchain.

Each chair exists only once

The digital chair cover is a unique digital asset. Like real chairs, each chair exists only once on the blockchain. By tokenizing the chairs, the soccer club wants to prove their uniqueness - securely and transparently. Polygon was chosen because of its fast transactions. The high scalability compared to Ethereum also plays a role, as a company spokesperson emphasized to BTC-ECHO. The soccer club, which last became Germany's champion in 1959, wants to ensure a smooth user experience.

In addition, gas costs and energy consumption on Polygon are significantly lower than on Ethereum. This lowers transaction costs and increases energy efficiency - a win-win situation. A successful marketing campaign for Eintracht: nearly 10,000 fans have already purchased a tokenized seat. With a stadium capacity of about 51,500 seats, that's almost 20 percent.

Cold wallet for chair tokens

The winners of the 2022 Europa Leauge use a cold wallet in the form of an NFC card as the storage medium. In doing so, the token is permanently stored on the card's microchip, according to a statement obtained by BTC-ECHO. The digital seat token cannot be traded, but is displayed to fans in the Eintracht app "mainaqila" - where usually tickets or membership cards can be found.

"For us, it was crucial that fans did not need any prior knowledge about the use of blockchain technology or the use of cryptocurrency," said Julien Zamberk, Managing Director of Eintracht Frankfurt Stadion GmbH. In conclusion, the token is free for fans.

Together with digital subsidiary EintrachtTech, they are working to open up new digital business areas. "Eintracht has held its blockchain conference 'Block im Park' at its stadium twice since 2022," a spokesperson for the company stressed upon request. More projects will be evaluated at the next conference.

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