News - Ether whale moves US$116 million

By Sam Fröling

Ether whale moves US$116 million

Ether whale, moves US$116 million

For eight years, they were stored on a wallet. Now a major investor has transferred $116 million worth of Ether.

It was worth the wait: an unknown Ether investor transferred tokens worth US$116 million to the crypto exchange Kraken.Previously, the assets had been sitting untouched on the wallet for eight years.

Ether from the pre-mine phase

According to WhaleAlert, it is about 60,000 Ether from the so-called pre-mine phase. At the time, one Ether was trading between US$300 and US$400. Today, the price stands at US$1,900. Just a few months ago, the eight-year-old Ether were transferred.

Transactions of this magnitude are not unusual. coins are often moved to another wallet for security.

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