News - Ethereum developers release client patch

By Mike Hesp

Ethereum developers release client patch

Ethereum (ETH)

After two disruptions occurred on Ethereum within 24 hours, developers now had to make a system update.

Ethereum developers have responded to the recent technical storingen and implemented a system update. This is evident from a blog post from the Ethereum Foundation. According to these, there are now patches for the two clients, Prysm and Teku, to ensure the proper functioning of the blockchain.

The blockchain was affected by two consecutive block finality disruptions. On May 12, the problems lasted up to an hour before the network could process transactions again.

According to initial findings, an overload on some clients led to the paused transaction processing, as announced by the Ethereum Foundation. However, this did not lead to end-user restrictions.

Meanwhile, further investigations have been launched to determine the exact cause of the latest incidents, according to reports.

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