News - Ethereum failed to complete transactions for 25 minutes

By Mike Hesp

Ethereum failed to complete transactions for 25 minutes

There was a brief interruption in transaction processing on the Ethereum network. The cause has yet to be determined.

There appears to have been a technical problem on the Ethereum network that temporarily prevented transactions from being completed. For example, yesterday (May 11, 2023), the blockchain was unable to complete transactions for 25 minutes. The reason for this is not yet known. The developers have announced that they will investigate the incident.

"Finality is restored," tweeted Ethereum developer Preston van Loon, "We don't know the cause yet, but something happened that made some client implementations have to work very hard to keep up with Chain. "

After the incident, community members pointed out client diversity as a reason why the problem did not spread further or last longer.

A validator client is the software that acts on behalf of the validator by holding the validator's private key and using it to make assertions about the state of the blockchain.

Since the consensus mechanism has been switched on proof-of-stake, validators, rather than miners, are responsible for transaction processing on the network.

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