News - Ethereum funds increase their ETH positions

By Luc Vesters

Ethereum funds increase their ETH positions

As of mid-October, several funds had not been able to increase their ETH-holdings are investing again, according to data from Bytetree. A brief period of outflows in early November was followed by a renewed surge, likely due to the filing of the ETF-request of BlackRock.

Development of Ether Funds holdings (green) vs. Ether price (blue) in the last three months Source: Bytetree

It's exciting to observe: German funds in particular are increasingly investing in crypto and ETH again, as data from Coinshares shows. With the inflows of the past four weeks, Ethereum managed to wipe out almost all of this year's outflows.

These are the largest ETH funds

The Ethereum ETF is a newcomer in the U.S. - but elsewhere it has long since arrived in the traditional sector, mostly in the form of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Switzerland-based 21Shares has about 148,000 ETH for its clients. But the previous ETF landscape is spread across several, niche providers, as the following illustration shows. The need for a product from an established U.S. player is illustrated by a comparison with ETHE, Grayscale's Ethereum trust fund. With more than 3.1 million ETHE, the U.S.-based company holds far more than all other providers combined.

Ethereum holdings of the largest funds at a glance. Source: Bytetree
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