News - Ethereum: New staking trend reaches record highs

By Ted Maas

Ethereum: New staking trend reaches record highs

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Ethereum: Nieuwe staking trend bereikt recordhoogte

The biggest upgrade of the year in the Ethereum network has been completed, paving the way for positive developments, not only in gasfees. A new all-time high is also emerging in terms of staking.

Recent data from CryptoQuant show that Ethereum staking has reached a new record, with about 27 percent of all ether now fixed. This trend indicates the strong confidence investors have in the blockchain.

data from CryptoQuant

The continuous improvements and scaling of Ethereum, especially through the integration of DeFi protocols such as EigenLayer, have increased the attractiveness of staking. The high participation of investors shows their determination to contribute to the security and thus success of the network. The total value of all ETH stakes has also reached a record high.

Ethereum restaking breaks records

The record for staking correlates closely with the ever-increasing demand for restaking. With more than $13 billion TVL (Total Value Locked), restaking pioneer EigenLayer reached a new record and second place among Ethereum's most popular applications. The protocol's mainnet is just around the corner. If technically successful, it is conceivable that the previous TVL king Lido Finance will soon have to leave his throne.

That the popularity of restaking is still not waning is due to the many airdrops that users are hoping for. The launch of the restaking project in March serves as an example of this. This rewarded restakers with an allocation of ETHFI tokens. The smallest (175 ETHFI) was worth more than USD 1,000 at one point. So some restakers probably profited handsomely before the launch of EigenLayer.

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