News - Ethereum staking reaches new record

By Mike Hesp

Ethereum staking reaches new record

Ethereum staking

The Ethereum network has reached an important milestone: 25 percent of all tokens in circulation have been staked.

The latest data from CryptoQuant show that Ethereum's staking rate has risen to a new record. A quarter of all ethers are now staked. This development is a clear sign of the strong confidence investors have in the blockchain.

Ethereum staking

Source: CryptoQuant

Thus, the continuous improvement and scaling of Ethereum, particularly through the integration of DeFi protocols such as EigenLayer, reinforces the attractiveness of staking. The high participation of stakers indicates a strong commitment to security and thus contributes directly to the success of the network.

Total value of all ETH deployed reaches record highs

Expressed in U.S. dollars, the previous chart is an unprecedented testament to the confidence and stability investors are currently placing in the Ethereum blockchain. The total value of all ETH deposits has reached a new record. The capex of about $30 billion also represents a new milestone in Ethereum's history.

The increase reflects not only the growing interest in staking, fueled by the hype around restaking, but also confidence in the long-term prospects of the smart contracts platform.

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