News - Ethereum supply rises - Ether price weakens

By Mike Hesp

Ethereum supply rises - Ether price weakens

It is the longest period since the Merge: for more than two months, Ethereum's circulation rate has been rising. However, the Ether price is not on the rise.

For 73 days, the circulation volume of Ethereum - the longest period since the Merge in 2022.

The reason for the increase in Ether offerings since mid-April is presumably the March exported Dencun upgrade.

This upgrade mainly increased scale: transaction costs were reduced, data processing capabilities increased. As a side effect, it seems to have slowed the deflationary trend, previously caused by a burning mechanism.

According to the Ethereum dashboard circulation volume has increased by more than 112,000 ETH since April 14.

Overall, however, supply has continued to decline since the 2022 Merge.

More than 1.7 million Ether has since been burned, while 1.36 million Ether has been added.

The Ethereum price is currently quoted at US$3,387. Compared to last week, the second-largest cryptocurrency is down five percentage points.

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