News - Everyone is eagerly awaiting the Ether ETF

By Ted Maas

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the Ether ETF

Ethereum (ETH)

After the BTC ETF comes the ETH ETF. At least that is the hope of many crypto fans and ETH investors in particular. But how likely is the Ethereum ETF?

Many crypto investors can hardly wait for the exchange-traded index fund for ether. With the SEC's recent decision on approving Bitcoin ETFs, there is hope that an Ether ETF will also get the green light.

This was also reflected in the ETH price, which even hit the €2,450 mark in recent weeks. However, during the course of the recent correction, Ether also fell more sharply and is currently trading around €2,000. Despite all the optimism, there are also signs of internal resistance within the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Several sources with SEC contacts fear that sentiment toward an Ether ETF is negative because ETH cannot be valued as a commodity.

Republican SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce is thought to be particularly supportive of approving further crypto ETFs. If it were up to her, the SEC would put new crypto ETFs on the "regular way" should review to avoid delays like Bitcoin ETFs and avoid further reputational damage. Together with her colleague Mark Uyeda and SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, she has already made Bitcoin ETF authorization possible. However, Gensler could now be a major obstacle because so far he only considers Bitcoin a security, as opposed to all other cryptocurrencies.

Despite the SEC's differing opinions, the hope is that an Ether ETF will go live by the end of the summer. The fact that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has already categorized Ether as a "commodity" speaks in favor of this.

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