News - Farcaster user numbers rise 400 percent after "Frames" update

By Luc Vesters

Farcaster user numbers rise 400 percent after "Frames" update

The decentralized social media project Farcaster has seen its daily active users rise to nearly 25,000 in just a few days, representing 400 percent growth, according to data from Dune Analytics.

Farcaster is a blockchain protocol for decentralized social media. Users of Farcaster applications maintain control of their data at all times and can create a cross-platform profile. The protocol was founded by former Coinbase IT engineer Dan Romero. The most popular application on Farcaster is Warpcast, the Web3 counterpart to the social media app X, formerly Twitter.

The reason for the increased number of users is a new update to the app called "Frames." This allows users to perform various activities directly within a "cast" (Warpcasts version of a tweet) without having to leave the page. This turns any "cast" into an interactive app.

For example, some users started playing chess or the classic video game "Doom" directly within a message.

According to the founder of Farcaster the frames are secured via an "EdDSA authentication system." This means there is no risk of a wallet hack or anything similar for users of crypto applications in the frames.

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