News - FBI: North Korean hacker group Lazarus is behind hack on

By Ted Maas

FBI: North Korean hacker group Lazarus is behind hack on

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Lazarus is believed to be responsible for the recent hack on, according to the FBI. In total, the North Korean hacker group has stolen more than $200 million this year alone.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has determined in its investigation that the North Korean hacker group Lazarus was behind the hack of the cryptocasino This is according to an official announcement from the FBI itself. The FBI's investigation identified more than 30 wallet addresses linked to the hack. reported unauthorized transactions from its hot wallets on Sept. 4 - and disabled all withdrawals. In total, the attackers stole about US$41 million. The FBI holds the North Korean hacker gang responsible for several attacks on multiple crypto platforms. Including, for example, the attack on Harmony and Ronin Bridge.

"North Korean hackers stole more than $200 million in 2023 alone", the statement said. Lazarus is reportedly directly linked to the North Korean regime under Kim Jong-un for the simple purpose of raising money.

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