News - FBI warns crypto companies

By Mike Hesp

FBI warns crypto companies

North Korean hackers have stolen hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. The captured Bitcoin may now end up on trading sites, the FBI warns.

The FBI has a warning issued to crypto companies. According to the FBI, North Korean hackers could try to cash out stolen funds.

The agency traced 1,580 Bitcoin, about $40 million, that were stolen and moved to wallets by hacker groups, including Lazarus.

"Private sector companies should monitor the blockchain data associated with these addresses and guard against transactions conducted directly with or derived from these addresses," the FBI said.

The FBI said the hacker gangs were "responsible for several high-profile international cryptocurrency thefts." The FBI cited attacks on Alphapo ($60 million), CoinsPaid ($37 million) and Atomic Wallet ($100 million).

The FBI says it will "continue to track and combat the DPRK's use of illegal activities - including cybercrime and theft of virtual currency."

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