News - denies: Data of 100,000 users 'not leaked'

By Mike Hesp denies: Data of 100,000 users 'not leaked'

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In the midst of the hype surrounding the decentralized social finance platform, reports of a data breach are surfacing. The project team dismisses them. denies latest reports that a database containing more than 100,000 personal user data has been "leaked."

The crypto news portal The Block wrote earlier, "Leaked database of 101,000 Friendtech users links their ETH addresses." The Block was referring to data published by a developer for Yearn Finance, under the psyeudonym Bateng.

However, the team clarified that the information came from scraping public APIs. The data included wallet addresses from the layer 2 solution BASE, linked to the corresponding Twitter usernames.

"It's like saying someone hacked you by looking at your public Twitter feed," said The official account.

The X-Team (formerly Twitter) also tagged the message with a correction. "The tweet is misleading; there is no leaked database. The underlying data is public and anyone can find it out by reading a block explorer."

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