News - Friend.Tech users hacked

By Ted Maas

Friend.Tech users hacked

Users of the SoFi platform Friend.Tech fell victim to a SIM swap attack. The hackers managed to steal about 42 Ethereum.

Some Friend.Tech users reported falling victim to this SIM swap attack over the weekend. The 42 Ether represent a value of US$72,000. There is no lead yet to the perpetrators.

The Friend.Tech code itself has not been hacked. Thus, indivual users are affected. Twitter user @darengb - also affected by the attacks on Friend.Tech - warns against exposing personal data.

"If your Twitter account is linked to your real name, your phone number can be found and you can be hacked," it says.

The social app has become one of the most popular crypto platforms this year, despite a declining market. The SoFi platform attracted more than 100,000 users within two weeks of its launch.

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