News - FTX 2.0: Will the controversial company make a relaunch?

By Ted Maas

FTX 2.0: Will the controversial company make a relaunch?

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The FTX trustees are looking for investors to fund a relaunch. The deadline for these possible bids is Sept. 24. According to a report, the FTX trustees have already contacted more than 75 investors.

"This process is designed to consider various potential structures, including an acquisition, merger, recapitalization or other transaction to revitalize the and/or FTX US exchanges", the message said.

The deadline for potential bids is Sept. 24. The names of the 75 investors are unknown. According to the Wall Street Journal, the blockchain technology company Figure has expressed interest in a possible relaunch. Tribe Capital, a venture capital, is also said to be interested in reinvesting.

New FTX chief executive John Ray believes a reopening offers more value to customers as opposed to simply liquidating assets and/or shutting down the platform. Despite Ray's words, FTX may receive approval tomorrow, Sept. 13, to sell $3.5 billion worth of cryptos. This could obviously affect the prices of several altcoins. Want to know which coins FTX has all? Then read the following article.

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