News - Gamestop is going to discontinue its Wallet

By Sam Fröling

Gamestop is going to discontinue its Wallet

Wallets and Whales

Gamestop is taking its Wallet offline in November. Regulations regarding crypto have become too uncertain, according to the video game retailer.

Video game store chain Gamestop's wallet will be discontinued on Nov. 1. The company calls "regulatory uncertainty in the crypto industry" as the reason.

"We advise all customers to make sure they have access to their Passphrase by October 1, 2023. Any customer who has access to their Passphrase can restore their account in any compatible wallet," aldus Gamestop.

NFT activities not named

The company did not say to what extent the NFT business might be affected. The wallet, which was not launched until May 2022, was part of a new cryptostrategy of the company.Also, the company announced A partnership with FTX to several months before the crypto stock market collapsed.

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