News - SEC hacked: Bitcoin ETFs were very briefly approved

By Ted Maas

SEC hacked: Bitcoin ETFs were very briefly approved

The moment many have long been waiting for has arrived. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, better known as the SEC, confirmed the approval of the Bitcoin ETF. But what turns out. Gary Gensler was hacked....

The message above seems official. It is from the SEC itself, in fact. News websites were already tapping messages. But then followed this message from Gary Gensler himself:

Yesterday, Gensler let it be known that buying cryptocurrencies carries risks. With this series of tweets, there seems to be no end to the yes/no. In recent days, the stock price already seemed to be preparing for good news. With the approval of the ETF, a lot of institutional money will flow into the market.However, looks like this whole saga is going to have a long tail. To be continued, no doubt.

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