News - Google Trends: Bitcoin beats Taylor Swift and Beyoncé

By Ted Maas

Google Trends: Bitcoin beats Taylor Swift and Beyoncé

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are the biggest stars on this earth. Yet Bitcoin is stealing the show lately. On Google, the cryptocurrency is outperforming the superstars.

One indicator of general interest in Bitcoin is the number of Google searches. You can track all of this through Google Trends. Bitcoin is on the rise again after some slow years. According to Google Trends, Bitcoin has now overtaken Taylor Swift and Beyoncé in terms of search terms in the US. In fact, Bitcoin is searched for more than Swift and Beyonce combined. Overall, searches for Bitcoin in America are at an annual high.

By comparison, during Super Bowl weekend in early February, searches for Taylor Swift were 14 times higher than those for Bitcoin.

Worldwide, search interest also increased significantly in early March. However, the highest figures in the past 12 months were recorded in January.

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