News - Decentralized data tool Greenfield goes live on Mainnet

By Sam Fröling

Decentralized data tool Greenfield goes live on Mainnet

Decentralized data tool Greenfield, goes live on Mainnet

The NBB Chain expands its number of features: the Greenfield Mainnet goes live. Here's what's in the update.

The Greenfield mainnet is live on the BNB Chain. Greenfield is a decentralized data store with a native token bridge on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). According to the company, more than 200,000 transactions have already been successfully completed in the testing phase and more than 150,000 wallet addresses have been generated. Greenfield's use cases include decentralized website hosting and data management solutions.

"During the Greenfield Testnet phase and the recent BNB Chain Hackathon, it was promising to see so many innovative dApps showing the potential of decentralized file storage with a user-centric focus," said Arnaud Bauer, Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain.

Many accusations toward the BNB platform

BNB currently ranks as the fourth largest crypto asset in the world. But time after time, there are accusations against the smart contract platform.

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