News - Hackers steal $200 million from Mixin network

By Mike Hesp

Hackers steal $200 million from Mixin network

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The attackers targeted the cloud provider and made off with a fat haul.

Mixin has been hacked. It made the DeFi-network announced today on Twitter. The attack took place on Sept. 23, 2023.

The hackers' target: the cloud provider's database. The loot: about US$200 million.

The corresponding token dropped 10% after the hack was announced.

Investors also raised $30 million from the network. According to DeFiLama, the TVL now stands at $352 million.

Mixin is a network on Ethereum. It was founded in 2017.

It says it processes transactions in less than a second and at no cost. It includes a wallet and various apps, including for DeFi.

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