News - Hamster Kombat on the Toncoin blockchain reaches 239 million players

By Ted Maas

Hamster Kombat on the Toncoin blockchain reaches 239 million players

Hamster Kombat op de Toncoin blockchain bereikt 239 miljoen spelers

After Notcoin, Hamster Kombat is the next hyped game on the Toncoin Blockchain. The big question for many people: When is the Airdrop coming?

Hamster Kombat is super popular right now. Nearly 240 million users have discovered the TON Blockchain-based game in the past three months. That said Telegram CEO Pavel Durov. According to Durov, 4.5 million new players are added every day.

The reason for the hype: a Token Launch. And with it: an Airdrop. Users are hoping for many tokens. Durov says: "Soon the Hamster team will mine their token on TON, demonstrating the benefits of Blockchain to hundreds of millions of people."

On exchanges such as Bybit, the token is now on pre-sale. The game principle of Hamster Kombat is somewhat similar to another classic on the Ton Blockchain: Notcoin. Players connect their TON Wallet and collect points by clicking on the screen. You can invest these points in upgrades, for example to get more points per click.

There is a ranking system from "Bronze" to "Creator." This system is, in addition to the points you earn per hour, also relevant to the Airdrop. The higher your rank, the higher the multiplier for the payout.

Extra coins can also be earned by completing daily and daily tasks. For example, by following the game's Telegram channel or X profile, or by watching daily news videos presented by a hamster. When exactly the Airdrop will take place, however, is still unclear. According to the official roadmap, it could happen as early as July. That's when the token will be launched.

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