News - Has Donald Trump launched his own cryptocurrency?

By Ted Maas

Has Donald Trump launched his own cryptocurrency?

Rumors are circulating on social media. Donald Trump is said to have launched his own token, the DJT. Here's what we know at this time.

The topic of cryptocurrencies has made its way into U.S. election campaigns. It would be pretty big news if either of the two candidates for the most powerful position in the world launched their own cryptocurrency. Rumors are circulating that Trump has done just that.

The Solana memecoin TrumpCoin (DJT).

The not yet listed token rose as expected in the wake of the news. DJT rose 500 percent in 24 hours. The originator of the rumors surrounding the alleged Trump token is Pirate Wires, an independent tech magazine. Editor-in-Chief Mike Solana writes on the X platform that he has not spoken to Trump directly. He refers to unspecified "sources."

"I have not spoken directly to Trump. I also assume he can backtrack or say it's not true. I'm just reporting what I know through sources."

Meanwhile, market observers such as Messari founder Ryan Selkis are quite skeptical. There is currently no clear confirmation that DJT (could stand for Donald J. Trump's initials) is a legitimate Trump token. The prediction market platform Polymarket is also skeptical. Only 24 percent consider DJT to be genuine.

Martin Shkreli, meanwhile, believes memecoin is real. In a space on the X platform, the hedge fund manager convicted of fraud said, "I can confirm that this is a real Trump token. I am familiar with the situation, but it is not my token - it is Trump's token. It is up to you to decide what you believe, but I am 100 percent sure it is an official Trump token," he said in the X-Space.

Delphi founder Tom Shaughnessy also considers memecoin a scam. Donald Trump has repeatedly come out in favor of American cryptospace recently.

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