News - Are decentralized perpetual protocols the future? Coingecko did research

By Mike Hesp

Are decentralized perpetual protocols the future? Coingecko did research

With the recent fear of the collapse of yet another crypto exchange, more and more crypto users have turned to decentralized prepetual protocols to satisfy their need to trade with leverage. During the down market, perpetual exchanges have been one of the few positive developments in a mostly dismal DeFi environment. They allow users to trade with leverage without permission, while liquidity providers can earn sustainable fees in an environment that seeks returns.

In the report "State of Decentralized Perpetual Protocols", Coingecko researched the history and evolution of decentralised prepetual protocols, their performance to date and expectations for the near future.

In a recently posted article, Coingecko discusses the top five highlights of the report:

1 Decentralized perpetual protocols were developed to make trading more efficient and create new earning opportunities for users.

2 The report covers the following six major decentralized perpetual protocols: dYdX, GMX, Level Finance, Kwenta, Gains Network and Perpetual Protocol. Each protocol uses a unique model and offers different options, particularly in terms of supported assets and maximum leverage.

3 The report discusses in detail the performance of each protocol, including trading volumes, liquidity levels and user engagement.

4 The adoption of decentralized perpetual protocols compared to traditional centralized exchanges is also examined, and the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches are discussed.

5 Finally, the report takes a look at the future of decentralized perpetual protocols, identifying potential challenges and opportunities, as well as the role these protocols can play in the broader crypto and DeFi sector.

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