News - Hong Kong rounds up Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs

By Ted Maas

Hong Kong rounds up Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs

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Hong Kong-based spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs are about to take off. Analysts expect inflows of billions around the year 2026.

Chinese asset managers are finalizing preparations for spot ETFs . Trading should start in late April, according to Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg ETF analyst Rebecca Sin, the exchange-traded index funds could raise a billion dollars over the next two years. Hong Kong is the first Chinese special administrative region where BTC ETFs will be tradable. The city is recognized as a financial center with a strong capital base.

Hong Kong financial regulators indicated back in December last year that they were open to a Bitcoin ETF. At that time, it was not clear whether a similar product would be launched in the Americas. So the Special Administrative Region is fundamentally different from mainland China, where restrictive regulations against Bitcoin and the like are still in place.

When it comes to Ethereum spot ETFs, Hong Kong is even ahead of the US. In New York, major asset managers such as BlackRock and Fidelity are also trying to launch an index fund on Ethereum. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is not on board and is delaying applications until May 23. Jan Van Eck is also pessimistic when it comes to the approval of his Ethereum Spot ETF.

With a total inflow of 536,000 BTC since trading began, US-based Bitcoin Spot ETFs have so far exceeded all prediction. As a result, the price has skyrocketed.

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