News - Husband hides divorce money in Bitcoin

By Mike Hesp

Husband hides divorce money in Bitcoin

How do you hide assets from your wife and the divorce court? One man did it with Bitcoin.

During divorce proceedings, an unknown spouse hid his money in Bitcoin. This reports CNBC and is based on the wife's statements. She said she found it suspicious that her husband, who earned $3 million a year, but did not have many assets.

With the help of a forensic accountant, the New York housewife eventually found 12 Bitcoin, worth US$330,000 at the time of writing. The corresponding divorce money was hidden in an unknown crypto wallet, the letter continues.

The divorce lawyer explains: "If you have a spouse who is very tech-savvy and you yourself are not, it can be quite easy to hide assets." It is true that all transactions on most blockchains are publicly viewable. However, there are also networks that anonymize transfers or hide it altogether.

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