News - Internet Computer presents new roadmap

By Ted Maas

Internet Computer presents new roadmap


The Internet Computer blockchain project has a new roadmap. It's all about AI and interoperability. ICP's price responds positively.

The Internet Computer mainnet went live on May 10, 2021. Three years later, the blockchain project has presented a new roadmap. It outlines nine areas of development aimed at introducing a decentralized AI solution and connecting to other blockchains.

The DFINITY Foundation, the organization behind the project, has announced the integration of trainable and AI models into smart contracts. This solution combines "the security of smart contracts with the robust computational requirements of AI".

Another focus is on an approach known as "chain fusion", which "direct interoperability with all major blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other EVMs" enables.

The first planned step is connection to the Ethereum network. This will be followed by "chain fusion" with Bitcoin and then with Solana. Improvements in data protection, digital identity solutions, a wallet and a range of new digital asset classes, including real-word assets, are also planned.

The DFINITY Foundation also promises scaling. This is to be achieved through higher throughput, lower latency and increased storage volume.

"Each focus area is key to the success of Internet computing, and each milestone represents a major breakthrough and opens up new possibilities for our community", according to the DFINITY Foundation. The updated roadmap "sets the course to realize the vision of world computing".

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