News - Is the BKA selling 50,000 Bitcoin?

By Luc Vesters

Is the BKA selling 50,000 Bitcoin?

Is the Federal Crime Agency (BKA) selling Bitcoin from the complex? Movements on the associated wallets at least suggest so. The data service Arkham Intelligence tracks a total of nearly 50,000 BTC since the Saxon Federal Criminal Police Office seized them from the wallets of the two suspects in the case. Whether the coins tracked are actually the Movie2k BTC has not yet been confirmed.

The Dresden prosecutor's office did not want to comment on the facts of the case because of the ongoing investigation. Coin transfers from one BKA wallet to another can usually be observed at Arkham Intelligence. However, at least 1,500 Bitcoin were reportedly transferred to exchange wallets such as Kraken or Coinbase. The question now is whether German authorities will sell the BTC. After all, the coins are currently worth nearly three billion euros.

Investigators in Saxony seized about 50,000 Bitcoin worth about two billion euros in mid-January. This is the largest seizure of Bitcoin by German law enforcement agencies to date, LKA spokesperson Kay Anders confirmed to MDR. The coup is the largest seizure of crypto assets in German criminal history.

The joint investigation by the Dresden prosecutor's office, the Saxon State Criminal Investigation Department (LKA) and the tax investigation department of the Leipzig II tax office targeted a 40-year-old German and his 37-year-old accomplice from Poland.

It is still unclear what will happen to Bitcoin. In response to a request, the BKA would not confirm whether it will actually be sold.

The LKA accuses the defendants of operating the illegal streaming portal "" until the end of May 2013. Proceeds, such as from advertisements on the website, were allegedly invested in cryptocurrency by the alleged operators.

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