News - Is this the new trend in the memecoin sector?

By Luc Vesters

Is this the new trend in the memecoin sector?

Not only is the election campaign in full swing in the US, two Solana memecoins are also in a fierce race in the crypto sector. Their names are "Jeo Boden" and "Danold Trump." With 174,900 and 59,900 percent growth, respectively, shortly after trading began, the memecoin based on U.S. President Joe Biden is currently in the lead.

One lucky investor claims to have made $42,000 from $260 with BODEN (the memecoin's ticker symbol). A similar profit could probably have been made with DANOLD (the coin's ticker symbol): In just 24 hours, its market capitalization exploded from 15,000 to 15 million USD, as data from dexscreener shows.

But the two American politicians are far from finished. There is now an entire collection of memecoins by Solana - complete with cartoon-like drawings.

The memecoin format probably has its origins in the "Spooderman" meme launched in 2012. That the new cryptocurrencies have their origins in the Solana blockchain is not surprising: since Bonk's success, numerous projects have imitated memecoin.

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