News - Israel freezes crypto wallets of Hamas

By Mike Hesp

Israel freezes crypto wallets of Hamas

Israeli security authorities have frozen Hamas wallets. The terrorist organization has been funding itself using crypto-donations for several years.

The cyber unit of the Israeli police has Hamas wallets frozen. As announced on the short message platform X, the Defense Ministry, Israeli security authorities and "national intelligence services" were involved in the investigation.

It also froze an account at British bank Barclays "whose details were published by Hamas for the purpose of depositing donations."

Israeli authorities would "continue the fight against terrorist financing," it added, "targeting the strategic financial assets of terrorist organizations."

Hamas has been using crypto-based donation accounts since 2019. In 2021, 84 wallets containing more than seven million dollars were seized. Last year, another 30 crypto wallets were frozen. Officially, the donation programs were stopped in May.

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