News - Jack Dorsey: New Bitcoin hardware wallet has been revealed

By Luc Vesters

Jack Dorsey: New Bitcoin hardware wallet has been revealed

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The launch of Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin hardware wallet, Bitkey, is getting closer. His company Block is gearing up to ship the first beta versions, unveiling its futuristic design.

A wallet tester teased a first image on X on Oct. 3. It shows a small hexagonal device with a fingerprint sensor that gives the device an extra layer of biometric security. This feature is optional.

In previous posts, Dorsey has repeatedly stressed the importance of hardware wallets and the importance of giving customers full control over their Bitcoin holdings.

Details about the Wallet's planned release and price are not yet known. But one thing is clear: the Wallet does not support any other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

In addition to his own wallet and the well-known payment service Cash App, Dorsey is also investing in the development of Bitcoin mining devices. To this end, he bought large quantities of microchips from Intel earlier this year.

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