News - Japanese e-commerce giant allows BTC payments

By Mike Hesp

Japanese e-commerce giant allows BTC payments

Crypto adoption makes progress. Mercari, one of Japan's largest shopping platforms, will allow users to pay with Bitcoin starting in June.

From a report from Nikkei reveals that e-commerce retailer Mercari will accept Bitcoin payments on its platform starting in June.

This means that from now on site users will see amounts displayed in yen with Bitcoin be able to pay. This is made possible through a partnership with a subsidiary of a Japanese crypto exchange, Melcoin.

Mercari is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Japan. Founded in 2013, the marketplace has about 22 million monthly users.

However, the e-commerce retailer has been integrating cryptocurrencies for some time. For example, when converting points from its loyalty program. The platform also launched its own trading center for Bitcoin and altcoins where users could exchange proceeds from sales into crypto currencies.

Japan is considered pro-crypto and the market there is much more regulated than in Europe or the US. The Japanese prime minister has clearly expressed his support pronounced for the emerging Web3 sector.

However, only a handful of cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum, are tradable on the country's crypto exchanges. However, the introduction of a "green list" is intended to speed up the regulatory process from now on.

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