News - Jupiter buys Ultimate

By Luc Vesters

Jupiter buys Ultimate

Jupiter (JUP)

Unstoppable Finance, co-founded by German DeFi pioneer Peter Grosskopf, announces the acquisition of its Ultimate wallet by Jupiter. The decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) Jupiter runs on the Solana blockchain and currently has the second highest trading volume in the entire DeFi DeX, behind Uniswap.

In addition to Ultimate, the mobile team of Unstoppable Finance has also been acquired by Jupiter. In the press release published on Ultimate's website, the company says it is pleased with the acquisition:

"It has been an exciting and rewarding journey for our team and we are very happy that our product is in the hands of one of the most productive teams ... at Solana." The values of Jupiter and Ultimate are a perfect match, the company continued. "Both of our products are focused on providing the best and fastest on-chain trading experience on Solana."

Unstoppable Finance co-founder and CTO Peter Grosskopf also commented on the move. He wrote on LinkedIn that he is pleased with the move and cannot imagine a better home for Ultimate.

He added that Unstoppable Finance will now return to its core business: "You can imagine this is the end of an era for us, but we look forward to focusing on building the first on-chain bank with Unstoppable Finance, as we have already announced."

The Ultimate app will be available to existing users as usual until May 22.

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