News - Kraken gets stolen money back after 'hack'

By Luc Vesters

Kraken gets stolen money back after 'hack'

Following the hacker attack on Kraken, the three million U.S. dollars that disappeared have been returned to the exchange. This was confirmed by the company's CTO, Nick Percoco, on X. The hack occurred on June 5, when a security vulnerability at Kraken was exploited. According to Kraken, no customer assets were compromised at any time. The hackers were able to steal corresponding funds from the exchange's wallets.

The attackers are the crypto security company Certik. According to their own statements, the team had informed Kraken of the security flaw. The action caused the crypto community to criticize Certik. In particular, the fact that some of the funds were sent through the OFAC-sanctioned mixing service Tornado Cash has raised questions.

Certik defends itself, writing: "The real question should be why Kraken's security systems failed to recognize so many test transactions ... Certik tested Kraken and it failed miserably."

The exchange reserves the right to take legal action: On Platform X, CTO Percoco writes: "We are treating this as a criminal matter and are coordinating with law enforcement accordingly."

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