News - Lawsuit against developer Tornado Cash enters next phase

By Luc Vesters

Lawsuit against developer Tornado Cash enters next phase

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The lawsuit against Roman Storm has been going on for almost two years now. The US holds the programmer responsible for the development of Tornado Cash. According to the lawsuit, the mix service was used to facilitate money laundering and terrorist financing.

Storm has been in custody ever since. Last September, he was released on $2 million bail. In March, his lawyers petitioned the court to dismiss the case. They argued that Tornado Cash was merely a tool and not a criminal organization. Holding Storm responsible for that would be "disproportionate."

In a current document, the US counters and demands that the trial continue. The argument is that in several instances the accused knew about illegal activities on the platform and did nothing to stop them. The trial is scheduled to begin in September.

In general, the US is at war with mix services. Just recently, authorities took action against Samourai Wallet.

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