News - Lazarus: Binance freezes millions from hackers

By Mike Hesp

Lazarus: Binance freezes millions from hackers

Lazarus is North Korea's most powerful weapon in cyber warfare. Now Binance and the U.S. Treasury Department have seized $4.4 million from the notorious hacker army.

On May 25 announced Binance the seizure of the accounts of a North Korean hacker organization.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the in seized funds connection with Kim Jong-Un's infamous hacker group: Lazarus.

A statement from the agency said, "Today's action draws attention to the DPRK's extensive illegal cyber and IT activities that fund the regime's illicit weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs."

Although the number of hacking attacks has increased the has already increased in recent months, 2022 was the most successful year ever for cybercriminals. The Ronin Bridge attack was particularly impactful.

The FBI confirmed the involvement of the North Korean hacker group Lazarus in the largest DeFi heist to date. At the time, about US$625 million disappeared.

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