News - Litecoin halving successfully completed

By Mike Hesp

Litecoin halving successfully completed

Litecoin (LTC)

The Litecoin halving is complete. Despite this, the LTC price barely moves and is virtually stationary. Has the historic event already been priced in?

The Litecoin halving has been successfully completed: Miners will receive only 6.25 LTC per block as of Aug. 6.

The historic event has hardly affected the price so far. The Litecoin price is trading daily at 89 US dollars. During the month, the cryptocurrency fell about 19%.

Investors expect the price to rise in the long run - similar to Bitcoin's halving. However, the shortfall in Litecoin supply may already be priced in.

"The next three trading weeks will reveal whether the halving of currency rewards has already been priced in," says BTC-ECHO market expert Stefan Lübeck.

The network is now considering the next halving: as of July 30, 2027 the payout per newly "mined" block will be 3.125 Litecoin.

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