News - Lufthansa launches NFT loyalty points with Polygon

By Ted Maas

Lufthansa launches NFT loyalty points with Polygon

Lufthansa plans to use the Polygon blockchain to integrate NFTs into its loyalty points program Uptrip. Customers receive rewards while flying.

Lufthansa enters the Web3 world. For each flight, travelers receive an NFT collection card. For this, users must download an app and scan their boarding pass with it. There are different collections, for example "the greatest cities in the world" or "airplanes." There are different rewards for owning all the cards in a collection. People get business lounge vouchers, air miles or unlocking frequent flyer status for this.

"Users connect their own wallets such as Metamask to store, transfer and trade Uptrip collector cards as NFTs", Polygon Labs said in an Aug. 31 blog post.

Thus, NFTs are not tied to individual travelers and can be traded on the secondary market.

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