News - Memecoin trading on Solana: How one trader earns $77,000

By Mike Hesp

Memecoin trading on Solana: How one trader earns $77,000

Solana (SOL)

You can make a small fortune with memecoins. Here's what one lucky crypto trader managed to do on Solana.

A crypto trader has made more than US$77,000 in profits over the past 11 days by trading memecoins from Solana. This is according to data from analytics platform LookOnChain.

According to the data, the trader sold 21 of the 27 cryptocurrencies traded following a price increase, a profit rate of 78 percent.

For example, with the memecoin BurgerkingFootLettuce, the trader made a profit of 155 SOL. Or even one of the traded memecoins can imitate the success of BONK is doubtful.

It is unclear whether the trader was following a strategy or just getting lucky. When trading cryptocurrencies - especially memecoin

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